URL Regexator v0.9

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Create regex

Standard regex for multiple different domains

Optimized regex for URLs with the same domain (reading the section "How does it work" in the FAQ before using this option is highly recommended)


Regex Customization

Ignore protocols (http:// + https://)    ->   

Ignore traling slashes (/)    ->   

Use double slash escaping (\\.)    ->   

Regex end matching changes

Regex start matching changes

How does it work

  • Input data

    Input your URLs into the left text area. URLs must be on separate rows and can be in any form, but it's recommended to perform some cleanup. You can use the URL Builder for that. Input is unlimited, but optimal is approximately 1000 rows. Above this limit, the tool will be slower. If you need to clean up or unify your URLs (remove protocols, parameters, etc.), you should use URL Builder.

  • Create regex

    Select how you want to create your regex. There are several options for regex and some customization. Please, read the FAQ section below to understand all possibilities and regex usage better.

  • Copy regex

    Copy your final regex from the output text area. For this, use a button Copy output, which works in the same way as shortcut CRTL+C. Now you can use regex anywhere you need, for example, as the custom segment in Google Analytics.

FAQ & Contact

URL Regexator is a tool for creating regex from multiple URLs. It will help you with creating custom segments in Google Analytics and analyzing website data. Using Regexator is much faster than creating custom spreadsheets in Excel or Google Sheets with many tricky functions.