URL Opener v1.1

URL Input

# URLs on input:

How does it work

  • Input URLs

    Input or paste URLs into the main field. The optimal amount is 20-50 URLs depending on your browser and computer performance. Click on the button Open URLs to open all given batch of URLs in a new tab. If the tool only opens one URL please check section Tool open only one URL in the FAQ below. You have to allow pop-ups in your browser.

  • Test and Modify

    You can use additional fields for subdomain and URL slugs to your advantage. It's helpful for some testing and automation purposes. Be creative. If you need to start over and clear all fields press button Reset.

  • Save Time

    The primary purpose of URL Opener is to save time you'd typically spent with manual work and opening URLs one by one from some spreadsheet.

Tool can be used for opening multiple URLs at the same time. It's handy for link researches, manual analysis of link profiles, various link building purposes or URL testing. You'll save a lot of time with URL Opener.

There are many other similar tools on the internet. But some couldn't open URLs with HTTPS protocol. And most of the other tools have only one field for URLs and can't be used for any testing. So I created and designed my version of the URL opening tool to be more reliable and handle more scenarios.

Use together with URL Builder for advanced options of URL customization.

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