URL Builder v1.3

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URL Output

Basic modifications

Protocol changes

Subdomain changes

Trailing slash changes

Remove string after last

Advanced Customization

Custom domain

Custom subdomain

Custom string replacement

How does it work

  • Input data

    Into the left field, type or paste URLs in any form. Each URL must be on a new row. Input is unlimited, but the optimal amount is 1000 rows to process. Above this number, the tool will be considerably slower.

  • Modify

    From the selection of buttons, choose any modifications you want to make. Feel free to apply any changes you wish as many times as you need. Experiment, be creative. Use the power of custom filed to your advantage.

  • Copy new URLs

    From the output field with live data view, you can Copy your final URLs. Or if you are unhappy with the result, just press Reset to start over.

FAQ & Contact

URL Builder is an original LINK-BRAIN tool for URL modification and standardization. Build, modify, or trim URLs with only a few clicks. It replaces Excel or other table processors since it allows you to process smaller quantities of data without any complicated formulas and functions.

I created this tool to help me quickly process data from the browser. And made it public so it could help more SEOs and link builders. Enjoy, and don't forget to leave feedback or request more functions via concat form at the end of this page.