Percentage Calculator v0.8

What is X percent from Y

What is % from ?

X is what percentage of Y

is what % of ?

What is percentage decrease/increase from X to Y

What is the % increase or decrease from to ?

How does it work

  • Input numbers

    Follow the instructions to input numbers into the numeric fields.

  • Calculate result

    Click on the button Calculate for the output value. Use button Reset to delete results and purge history.

  • Results history

    The last ten results are displayed under the calculator.

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The primary purpose of the Percentage Calculator is to count percentage equations in the three most common scenarios. It's a simple but useful utility.

Creating a calculator is one of the first steps for many beginners programmers. There are tons of calculators that are almost the same. So I decided to develop a particular enhancement, which I missed while using some other tools—a history of last calculations. That's is the unique twist and improvement from tons of other similar tools.