IAWM Extractor v0.3.1 beta

Input domain


Number of returned URLs:

URLs extracted from Internet Archive

How does it work

  • Input domain

    Into the left field paste domain for which you want to get URL archive. And click on the button "Get URL Archive". (Do not push Enter on your keyboard since it will reload the whole page. Use only the orange button. Before entering a new domain, reload the page by using F5. This tool is in beta. Please excuse some inconveniences.)

  • Use data

    The tool will return up to 10.000 URLs in the database of Internet Archive Wayback Machine. For further usage, copy extracted URLs with button "Copy URLs".

  • Reset

    In case of emergence use button "Reset" to refresh (same as F5) the page before entering a new domain. It's necessary to purge all data properly.

FAQ & Contact

Tool is used for mining data from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Getting old website URLs might be very important if you forgot to redirect URLs from your previous website to the new one. Ti might be a problem if you don't have your own URL archive. Fortunately, Wayback Machine has the largest publically accessible archive of URLs. And thanks to IAWM Extractor you can get historical data and use it for any purpose. Quick and easy.

Internet Archive Wayback Machine (IAWM) is an excellent tool with an amazing and super helpful database. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to work with it, or it's API if you don't have any coding background. Therefore I decided to create a free tool to use IAWM API to some good and offer basic data via my tool.