Free SEO & Data Tools

URL Builder

Trim, modify, customize, or normalize hundreds of URLs with only a few clicks and no Excel.

Change or remove protocols, subdomains, parameters, or anything else from URLs.


URL Regexator

Converts URLs to regular expression for advanced analytics and SEOs usage.

Create and customize regex. Paste in Google Analytics for more helpful insights.


URL Opener

Batch URL opening & testing with less clicking. Helps link builders with link audits and researches.

Utility for batch opening and testing of URLs. Save your time and carpal tunnels.


Robots.txt Multiline Validator

Validating robots.txt directives against URL dataset.

Validate URLs and robots.txt easily in bulk. A one-click tool with detailed statistics.


IAWM Extractor

Extracting historical URLs and URL data from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine (AIWM).

The extractor of historical URLs from the Internet Archive. Up to 10.000 URLs on one click.


Percentage Calculator

Calculate percentage equations based on three common scenarios.

Percentage from number, number by percentage, and percentage increase or decrease.


Character Counter

Fast and simple counting characters, words and rows in any text.

Counting characters, words and rows in a text. Optimal for texts up 1.000.000 characters.


About Free SEO & Data Tools by LINK-BRAIN

Free tools for SEO, data mining and URL manipulation. Tools are designed to be mostly used by SEOs and link builders. There are no usage limits. Feel free to do whatever you want as many times as you need to complete your tasks and goals.

None of these tools is designed to handle massive amounts of data. Web browsers and basic HTML text fields are not optimal for handling large datasets. Everything offered here is mostly some utility tool for simplification of tedious or unnecessarily complicated tasks in other tools.

This website is not monetized or infested with measuring codes. Everything is ads-free, anonymous and you are not going to be haunted by dozens of remarketing campaigns. A family of LINK-BRAIN tools is slowly growing to help you save time spent on repetitive tasks. And also to make some complicated tasks much faster and easier. Each tool has its FAQ section, basic how-to instructions and feedback form. Please, enjoy it and have fun!

Interested in More Tools?

Are you a tool owner and want your beloved piece of cloud or desktop software to be featured amongst Recommended tools? Please, feel free to send me a message via my contact form. But fair warning. The space is limited, and I pick only the best and premium tools I believe in.

In case you need more specialized tools you should definitely check my enormous list of tools. This directory contains several hundred tools and software for SEO, link building, automation, data processing and manipulation and also exciting tools for cellular automata, fractals and much more.