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Welcome to the directory of SEO and data tools. This collection contains over 700 items: advanced software, cloud solutions, small utilities, browsers, and browser plugins. This list is focused on SEO, data, cellular automata, or fractals. Every tool has its category like performance, crawler, monitoring, alerting, or data visualization.

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Public Directory

Name & LinkCategoryDescriptionTech
Nozzle.ioseo | rank trackerKeyword rank tracker tool. Helps with comptetitive analysis, brand tracking and monitoring, detailed reports, share of voice measurement and more.
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3D Totalistic Cellular Automatacellular automata | wolframTotalistic 3D cellular automata starting from a single cube. At each step, a cube is filled in if the total number of cubes around it matches values specified by the rule number.
AB Tasty Statistical Significance Calculatorab test | calculatorPre-test sample size calculation. Calculate how long your test should run, and the sample size needed to maintain its accuracy.
AB Testguideab test | calculatorPre-test calculation and post-test evaluation. Calculate statistical significance and the power of your A/B test.
AB+ Test Calculator by CXLab test | calculatorA/B test calculator to answer all your pre and post test analysis questions.
Accessibility Insights for Webaccessibility | testingHelps to solve accessibility issues before they can influence your customers.
AccuRankerrank trackerRank tracking for agencies and SEO professionals.
Accuranker Google Grumpsearch algorithm | serp fluctuations | report | ranking | updateGoogle algorithm update tracking tool. Developed by Helps to determine search ranking algorithm updates.
Adbeatcompetitive intelligenceA competitive intelligence for display advertisers. It provides insights into the world of digital advertising.
Adform STT TTEchrome extensionAn Adform tracking testing extension, which helps to check what kind of tracking point is firing on the page.
Adobe Marketing Cloudmarketing suite | adobe analyticsEnd-to-end digital marketing with several integrated solutions.
Adswerve - dataLayer Inspector+chrome extensionExtension for digital analysts. Adswerve dataLayer Inspector+ is a tool kit of utilities for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
Advanced Web Rankingseo suite | rank tracking | reportingProvides fresh daily, weekly or on demand geo-located rankings. Designed and scaled for agencies and in-house SEOs.
Advanced Web Rankings Google Algorithm Changessearch algorithm | serp fluctuations | report | ranking | updateShows the average fluctuations, volatility, in the Google search results, correlated with recent algorithm updates. Developed by Helps to determine search ranking algorithm updates.
AdWords Keyword Wrapping Toolkeywords | adwords | utilityExact, phrase, and broad match modified keyword wrapper. A utility that helps PPC specialists with wrapping keywords.
AgencyAnalyticsanalytics | reportingAll-in-one reporting platform for agencies with SEO, PPC, social, email, review and call dashboards.
Agentyscraping | ocr | sentiment analysisCloud agents for data scraping, text extraction, OCR, categorization, change detection or sentiment analysis.
Agenty - Advanced Web Scraperchrome extension | scrapingWeb scraping extension for screen scraping using CSS selectors and to create web scraping agent for
Ahrefsseo suite | rank tracking | link index | monitoringWebsite audits, competitors analysis, keywords, and backlinks research. All in one place.
Ahrefs SEO Toolbarchrome extension | toolbarOn-page SEO data, broken link checker, and important SEO metrics right in your web browser by
Airtabledata managementWorks like a spreadsheet but gives you the advantages of a database. Suitable for organizing work.
Albacrosspersonalization | leadsReal-time business data. API for website personalization and lead generation.
Alexacompetitive intelligence | amazonMarketing stack for SEO and PPC. Keyword research, competitive intelligence, SEO analysis, and backlink checker in one.
Algoliasite search | apiSite search for companies of all sizes. Helps to create relevant, scalable, and fast search experience.
Algoroosearch algorithm | serp fluctuations | reportA Google algorithm tracking tool. Developed by
Amazon Web Services (AWS)cloud computing | amazon | awsReliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services.
AMP Visual Compareamp | utility | comparisonUtility for render and visual comparison of an AMP page and its canonical version.
Amplitudeproduct intelligenceHelps to use customer data to build great product experiences for better conversion rate and user retention.
AngularJSjavascript | js | framework | angular | googleTypeScript-based open-source web application framework developed by Google.
AnswerThePublicuser research | keyword researchVisual keyword research and content ideas tool. Find out what questions and queries are users searching for in Google.
AnyChartjavascript | js | framework | chart | data visualizationA set of flexible JavaScript (HTML5) libraries for data visualization.
Apache Logs Vieweraccess logsA free tool which lets you monitor, view and analyze access logs.
Apache Spark GraphXgraph computation | apiAPI for graphs and graph-parallel computation, with a built-in library of common algorithms.
Apiarydevelopment | apiAPI-First platform designed specifically to help companies accelerate and control the design, development, and documentation of APIs.
Apifyweb scrapingWeb scraping,
data extraction, and robotic process automation. Formerly known as Apifier at
ApophysisfractalAn application for creating, editing and rendering fractal flames.
archive.todayweb mirror | web archiveA time capsule for web pages. Allows you to create a copy of a webpage. Also available at,, and
Audisto Crawlerseo crawlerCrawling tool for onpage, content and structural analysis.
Authoritas seo suiteSoftware that helps to grow organic traffic. Keyword research, competitive intelligence, SEO reporting, content optimization, and more.
AuthorityLabsrank tracking | monitoringA software for search engine ranking and keyword data monitoring.
Autoptimizewordpress plugin | performancePlugin for performance improvements. It can aggregate, minify and cache scripts, styles, and more.
Awariobrand monitoring | mention monitoringBrand monitoring tool to track mentions of your brand and competitors. Helps to find influencers and new leads.
AWStatsaccess logs | data | visualizationPerl-based tool that generates statistics and visualizations from web, streaming, ftp or mail servers. Can analyze log files from all major server tools.
AX Semanticscontent writingAutomates repetitive writing and makes text creation scalable. Configure rules and linguistic elements to create unique texts.
axeaccessibility | testing | monitoringAccessibility testing toolkit by Deque Labs for development teams to test their web or Android applications.
axe - Web Accessibility Testingchrome extension | accessibilityAccessibility checker by Deque Labs for developers for WCAG 2 and Section 508.
Axe Developer Toolsfirefox add-on | accessibilityAutomated tool by Deque Labs for developers to find accessibility defects.
BatchSpeedperformance | testBulk speed test for multiple URLs. It uses Google's Page Speed API. You can input list of addresses or a sitemap to test multiple URLs at once.
Beautiful Souppython | scraping | libraryA Python library for scraping HTML and XML documents.
Big Metricswebmaster tools | search console | gsc | gwt | reportingDownloads all Google Search Console data from API and provides better insights into SEO.
Bing Visual Searchreverse image search | bingImage search from search engine Bing with an option to perform a reverse image search.
Bing Webmaster Toolswebmaster toolsA webmaster tool by Yandex with control panel, diagnostial and monitoring tools, and other data and information about your website.
BiQseo suitePlatform that lets you control the pricing and cost of different elements as are keyword, link, rank, content, or site intelligence.
Block Yourself from Analyticschrome extension | analyticsA tool for webmasters to block their own visits for their websites and avoiding false stats.
Boomerang for GmailoutreachAn extension for Gmail for email scheduling, reminders, and follow ups. Helps with outreach campaigns.
Botifyseo crawler | log analysisAn enterprise SEO platform for scalable crawling and log analysis.
Brand24brand mention | media monitoring | ormTool for online reputation management that helps with monitoring brand mentions, media monitoring, and tracking competition.
BrandMentionsmention monitoring | ormFind mentions about anyone or anything. Useful for brand and media monitoring, competitive intelligence, and online reputation management.
Brave Browserbrowser | chromiumAn open-source web browser focused on privacy and security. It automatically blocks adds and tracking.
BrightEdgeseo suiteSEO solution and content performance marketing platform. Helps to uncover search intent, research competitors, prioritize tasks, and more.
BrowserStackcross browser testingCross browser and cross device testing websites and apps on real devices and browsers.
BuiltWithcms | technology | detectionWeb technology profiler tool. Detects technologies like CMS, plugins, analytics, etc. used on websites.
BuiltWith Technology Profilerchrome extension | technology detectionHelps you discover technologies used on websites you are visiting.
BuzzStreamlink building | outreach | omrA tool for researching influencers, managing relationships, and conducting outreach that’s personalized and efficient.
BuzzSumocontent | social analyticsFind popular topics on any website to gaher content ideas, uncover platform insights, identify influencers, and more.
BuzzSumochrome extension | socialGet social engagement data for any page, or for any other website.
CAA Record GeneratorsecurityCertificate Authority Authorization (CAA) helper for generating record for your website.
CanIRankseo suite | aiSEO software using AI to give you specific action recommendations rather than just data.
Chaos Monkeytesting | github | netflixTool developed by Netflix for randomly terminating instances in production to ensure that engineers implement their services to be resilient to instance failures.
Chracter Counter by LINK-BRAINcounting | utilityAn original LINK-BRAIN tool for counting all characters, words and rows in any text.
Check My Linkschrome extensionA link checker that crawls through your webpage and looks for broken links.
Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX)ux | reportReal user measurement of key user experience metrics across the public web. Uses PageSpeed Insights and Google BigQuery.
Cloudflarecdn | web infrastructureA content delivery network that uses next-gen tech and offers CDN, DNS, DDoS protection and security.
cognitiveSEOseo suiteA complete digital marketing solution and SEO tool. On-page and off-page SEO, rank tracking, keyword research, or backlink analysis.
cognitiveSEO SIGNALSsearch algorithm | serp fluctuations | report | ranking | updateA tool for tracking Google algorithm updates. Developed by Helps to determine search ranking algorithm updates.
Color Contrast Analyzerchrome extension | accessibilityAnalyze a web page or portion of a web page for conformance with WCAG 2.0 Color Contrast requirements.
Copyscape Plagiarism CheckerplagiarismSearch for copies of your page or text on the internet.
Cytoscape.jsjavascript | js | library graph visualizationFully featured graph library for visualisation and analysis of networks. Made by authors of Cytoscape data visualization software.
D3.jsdata visualization | javascript | libraryJavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data.
programming languageDark or Darklang is a language for coding and developing backends. Helps to setup API, datastore, or background worker in short time.
Data USApublic data | visualizationU.S. data to explore, map, and download. Open platform that turns data into knowledge.
Data Version Control (DVC)version control | machine learningOpen-source version control system for machine learning projects. Designed to handle large files, data sets, ML models, metrics, and code.
DataparkSearch Enginesearch engine | frameworkFull-featured open source web-based search engine. Useful for websites and intranets. Released under the GNU License.
Detailed SEO Extensionchrome extension | seoSEO insights at the click of a button to any website you're currently on.
Developer Cookiechrome extension | cookiesSet a cookie to tell your websites that you're a developer. Use with Google Analytics to avoid tracking internal traffic.
DomCopexpired domainsPresents a list of all expired domains with metrics for each domain.
Easy Custom Comparisonchrome extension | webmaster toolsComparison against the previous period of any date range in Google Search Console.
Expressjavascript | js | framework | nodejsA minimalist web framework for Node.js.
FATRANK - Keyword Rank Checkerchrome extension | rank checkerA keyword rank checker tool to find how your website ranks in Google for keywords and phrases.
Focus Indicatorchrome extension | accessibilityDisplay focus indicator for the active intractable element in a webpage.
Fresh URLurl | utm | libraryAutomatically removes UTM parameters from URLs.
FRUSTRATIONindexperformanceUse a WebPageTest result URL to calculate your FRUSTRATIONindex and quantify how frustrating is to load your website for users.
GatsbyJSjavascript | js | framework | reactAn open source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing fast websites and apps
Google Adsads | googleAn online advertising platform. A part of Google Marketing Platform.
Google Analyticsweb analytics | googleA web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. A part of Google Marketing Platform.
Google BigQuerydata warehouse | cloudServerless, highly scalable, and cost-effective cloud data warehouse.
Google Custom Searchsite search | googleAdd a Google powered search box to your site.
Google Data Studiodata | visualisation | reporting | googleData visualization and reporting platform. A part of Google Marketing Platform.
Google Mobile-Friendly Testmobile-friendly | testing | googleTest if a visitor can use your page on a mobile device, and check how Googlebot renders your page.
Google My Businessbusiness listingA free business profile and listing visible in Google Search and Google Maps.
Google News topic url decodergoogle | news | url decoder | utilityTool extracts the entity-id from a Google News topic-url.
Google Optimizechrome extension | ab testing | googleHelps you test and personalize your site with Google Optimize.
Google Optimizechrome extension | ab testing | googlePlatform for AB testing and personalization. A part of Google Marketing Platform.
Google PageSpeed Insights API Extensionchrome extension | performance | apiA real time API to call Google PageSpeed Insights and show website performance score and mobile friendliness.
Google Rich Results Teststructured data | testing | google | utility | rich resultsTest your web page to see which rich results can be generated by the structured data it contains.
Google Search Console – Quick Insights [Google Sheet]webmaster tools | sheetHelps you search and discover your Google Search Console data to find insights.
Grammarlycontent | artificial intelligenceA writing assistant that helps with text tonality, grammar, spelling, or readability.
Grammarly for Chromechrome extension | contentGrammar, spelling, style, and tone. Helps you eliminate writing errors and find optimal words for your texts.
Graphcoregraph | computing | machine learningIPU cloud service available on Microsoft Azure. Let innovators to create new breakthroughs in machine intelligence.
Graphistrygraph analyticsA graph-based analysis that helps finding hidden connections and context across all your data.
GTmetrixperformace | testingA website performance test. Check how your site performs, reveal slow components and discover opportunities for optimization.
Guess.jsjavascript | js | library | machine learningLibraries and tools for enabling machine learning driven user-experiences on the web.
headingsMapchrome extension | accessibilityExtension to show and audit the headings structure.
HTTP Graph Collectornetwork analysis | gephi
HTTrack Website Copierweb mirror | web archiveConfigurable tool that allows you to download (mirror) a website to a local directory. It can get HTML, images, scripts, styles, and other files.
IAWM Extractor by LINK-BRAINweb archive | utility | data miningAn original LINK-BRAIN tool for mining historical URLs data from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.
IMA.jsjavascript | js | framework | githubAn application development stack for developing isomorphic applications written in pure JavaScript and React. Made by
Insert Textchrome extensionInserts text from templates into any text field.
JAWS (Job Access With Speech)accessibility | screan readerSscreen reader, developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content or navigating with a mouse.
JetBrains Toolboxdevelopment | suite15+ tools to help developers work effectively with different languages and technologies. Python IDE (PyCharm), PHP IDE (PhpStorm), Go IDE (GoLand), and many more.
JSFiddlecode | storage | playground | testingOnline editor for testing and storing JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript.
JSON-LD Schema Generators for SEOsschema | rich resultsHelps to generate any new Google approved schema markup for websites to have rich results in SERP.
Kalicubebranding | serp | monitoringHelps to leverage your brand in SERP.
Kantarcompetitive intelligenceSearch marketing intelligence providing insight into your competitors and performance. Formerly known as AdGooroo.
Keyword Surferchrome extension | keyword researchAllows you to directly analyze Google search results and keywords.
Keywords Everywherekeyword researchBrowser plugin for Chrome or Firefox. Shows you monthly search volume, cost per click and competition data of keywords on multiple websites.
Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Toolchrome extension | firefox add-on | keywordsShows you monthly search volume, CPC, and competition data for websites like Google Search Console, YouTube, Amazon, etc.
Knowledge Graph Searchknowledge graph | entitySearch Google Knowledge Graph database for a person, company, product, place, or other entity.
Landmark Navigation via Keyboard or Pop-upchrome extension | accessibilityAllows you to navigate a web page via WAI-ARIA landmarks, using the keyboard or a pop-up menu.

openrefine | github | reconciliationAn OpenRefine reconciliation service for the Library of Congress Subject Headings and the Library of Congress Name Authority File available via
Link Klipper - Extract all linkschrome extensionExtract all links on a webpage and export them to a file.
Linkbuildrwordpress plugin | outreachHelps content creators with outreach to people they link to. Scans your website and posts for links, contacts, and information.
Linkclumpchrome extensionLets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time.
LinkMinerchrome extensionChecks webpages for broken links, and pulls metrics on those links.
LinkMinerchrome extensionChecks webpages for broken links, and pulls metrics on those links.
Local Search Results Checkerlocal search testingView Google search results from any location. Developed by
LogDNAlog managementLog management for Kubernetes. Aggregate logs from all applications and servers from any location.
Longtail UXlongtail | seoAI-powered platform to target, rank for, and drive revenue from longtail keywords.
lostcircles.comsocial | data visualizationVisualize the hidden structure of your social network. Developed by
Luigi's Boxsite searchA set of tools and site search for e-commerce, that helps to increase sales and conversions.
Majesticbacklinks | link intelligenceLink intelligence platform to check, analyze and monitor backlinks. Perform large scale investigations based on links, domains, or topics.
Majestic Backlink Analyzerchrome extensionBacklink analysis of any website in your browser. Get link counts, domain metrics, or check linking pages.
Merkle Mobile-First Index Tool (Mobile vs. Desktop Test)mobile first | mfi | utilityTool compares mobile and desktop pages and reports on discrepencies between SEO signals, content and structured data markups. And checks if your page is mobile-friendly.
META SEO inspectorchrome extension | seoInspect meta data found on web pages. Check HTML meta tags, XFN tags, microformats, and more.
Meteorjavascript | js | frameworkAn open source platform forbuilding JavaScrip applications for web, mobile, and desktop.
Monitor Backlinksmonitoring | backlinksA tool for checking backlinks for your website and the competititors.
Moz Proseo suiteAll-in-one suite. Crawler and site auditor helping with link building, on-page optimization, automated reporting, and keyword research tool.
MozBarchrome extension | toolbarAll-in-one SEO toolbar for research on the go. Developed by
MozCastsearch algorithm | serp fluctuations | report | ranking | update | mozReport showing turbulence in the Google algorithm over the previous day. Developed by Helps to determine search ranking algorithm updates.
MRISA - Meta Reverse Image Search APIreverse image searchA RESTful API which takes an image URL, does a reverse Google image search, and returns a JSON array with the search results.
Neo4j Bloomgraph | visualizationGraph visualization, exploration and communication tool.
Netpeak Checkerseo analysisResearch tool for bulk SEO analysis and websites comparison.
Netpeak Spiderseo crawler | scrapingSEO crawler for website auditing, finding broken links and images, checking for duplicate content, and scraping.
NetworkXnetwork visualisationA Python package for the creation, manipulation, and study of the structure, dynamics, and functions of complex networks.
Next.jsjavascript | js | framework | reactScalable and production grade React applications. Used to build static and dynamic websites and web applications.
Ninja Outreach Litechrome extension | outreachHelps with prospecting and outreach directly from your browser.
nlp-datasetspublic data | nlpAlphabetical list of free/public domain datasets with text data for use in Natural Language Processing (NLP).
NoFollowchrome extensionOutline nofollow links, detect nofollow and noindex meta tags on webpages.
Norbertemail prospectingFind contact information for your lead research or human resources acquisition.
Notepad++source code editorA free source code editor that supports several languages. Distributed under GPL License.
NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access)accessibility | screan reader | githubOpen source screen reader. Also available at
Omegasearch engineA packaged search engine build with the Xapian open source search engine library.
OpenRefineopenrefine | googleAn open-source tool for working with messy data. Used for cleaning, transforming, or extending data with web services and external sources. Formerly known as Google Refine.
Optimal Workshopuser research | ux | testing | information architectureA research platform. Remote card sorting, tree testing, first-click testing, and more. Formerly known and found at
Orange Data Miningdata mining | machine learningOpen source machine learning and data visualization. Interactive data analysis workflows.
Pactapi | testingTesting for your APIs and microservices during development.
PageOptimizer ProseoOn-page SEO tool for content publishers. Helps with better ranking.
Pale MoonOpen Source, Goanna-based web browser. Focusing on efficiency and customization.
Papa Parsecsv | json | parserA multi-threaded parser for converting large files from CSV to JSON and vice versa.
Pastebin.comcode | text | storageOnline code and text storage.
Polymer Projectjavascript | js | library | googleAn open-source JavaScript library for building web applications using Web Components.
Prerender.iojavascript | prerenderingPrerendering tool. Allows JavaScript websites to be crawled by search engines.
Project NayukiscriptsComputer science and mathematic scripts for practical applications.
Prometheusmonitoring | open sourceOpen-source monitoring solution. Comes with dimensional data model, query language, time series database, and alerting.
Puppeteerheadless | chrome | chromium | nodeA Node library with API to control headless Chrome or Chromium. More info can be found here:
Pythonprogramming languageA high-level, general-purpose programming language. Used for data science and web development.
R: The R Project for Statistical Computingprogramming language | statisticsA free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.
Rank Mathwordpress pluginA Wordpress SEO plugin that helps to optimize content for search engines.
Rank Ranger Site Explorercompetitive intelligence | utilityCompetitor research tool which gives you information about websites. For which keywords and landing pages it is ranking.
RankRanger Rank Risk Indexsearch algorithm | serp fluctuations | report | ranking | updateMeasures Google SERP fluctuations for several thousands domains and keywords. Developed by Helps to determine search ranking algorithm updates.
RAWGraphsdata | visualizationAn open source data visualization framework. Makes the visual representation of complex data easier.
Reactjavascript | js | framework | facebook | reactA JavaScript library for building user interfaces developed and maintained by Facebook.
Redirect Pathchrome extensionChecker of HTTP headers, status codes and redirects.
Regex101regex | testingAn online tool to create, debug, test and have your expressions explained for PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript.
RegExrregex | testingAn online tool to learn, build, and test regular expressions.
Rendertronheadless | chrome | puppeteer | javascript | rendering | githubA Headless Chrome rendering solution build with Puppeteer. More info and code:

review monitoring | omrReview monitoring and management platform that helps businesses monitor, respond to, and analyze their online reviews.

review monitoring | omrOnline review management that collects all your online reviews in one place.
Scout Suggest: Free Keyword Research Toolkeyword researchFor reasearching content ideas or sets of synonyms and modifiers to add to your articles.
ScrapingHubcrawler | scraping | scrapyA cloud platform for running and managing web crawlers for data scraping based on Python framework Scrapy.
Search Console Explorer Sheet [Free Google Sheet]webmaster tools | sheetGoogle sheet designed to extract data from Google Search Console. Helps with exploration and evaluation of your data.
SEMrush Sensorsearch algorithm | serp fluctuations | report | ranking | updateMeasures volatility in search results. It's tracking down several categories on mobile and desktop and highlighting possible Google updates. Developed by Helps to determine search ranking algorithm updates.
SEMSTRORMseo suiteAll-in-one search engine marketing platform for keyword research, website auditing, content management, or rank tracking.
SentrymonitoringSelf-hosted and cloud-based error monitoring that helps software teams discover errors in real-time.
SEO Minionchrome extension | firefox add-onHelps in daily tasks as on-page SEO analysis, broken link checking, SERP preview, redirect checker, hreflang checker, and more.
SEO Writing Assistantwriting | wordpress plugin | google docs add-onChecks if your texts follow SEO recommendations made by SEMrush. Available for Google Docs and Wordpress.
SEOliumrank trackingGoogle rank tracker for SEO and market monitoring. Helps you to understand how to grow your business.
Seolyzer.ioseo | crawler | access logsCrawler and access logs analyzer.
SERPMetrics Search Engine Fluctuation Chartssearch algorithm | serp fluctuations | report | ranking | updateShow search engine volatility over the last day and month. Developed by Helps to determine search ranking algorithm updates.
SERPWoorank tracking | omgA tool for monitoring ranks and online reputation management.
ShortPixel Image Compressorperformance | imageCompress and optimize jpeg, png, and gif files up to 90% without any visible differences for users.
SimilarWeb - Traffic Rank & Website Analysischrome extension | competitive intelligenceWebsite traffic, key metrics, engagement rate, traffic ranking, keyword ranking and traffic source for any website.
SISTRIX Toolboxseo suiteTool used by SEO professionals. Visibility index, competition and opportunity analysis, and historical data for digital market specialists.
Site Kit by Googlewodpress pluginProvides insights about how people find and use your site.
Sitecheckerseo suiteToolkit to measure and track SEO performance. On-page factors, backlinks checker, rank tracking, and more.
Sitemap Koalasitemap | checkerChecks your sitemap for broken or blocked from indexation URLs, and provides report.
SocioViznetwork analysis | data visualization | socialA social media analytics platform powered by Social Network Analysis metrics. Useful for analyzing Facebook pages, Twitter hashtags, and more.
SparkToroaudience intelligenceAudience intelligence makes it easier to discover websites, blogs, podcasts, social accounts, and publications that can help you reach your target audience.
SpeedCurveperformance | testing | benchmarkMonitoring of the front-end performance of your website. Competition benchmarks.
Splunkdata | analyticsSoftware for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data.
STAT Search Analyticsrank tracking | serp analyticsLarge-scale SERP analytics and rank tracking for enterprise SEO.
subdomain3security | testA tool for penetration testers that helps with discovering subdomains (IP, CDN...).
Sumo Logiclog management | security | business intelligenceCloud analytics SaaS platform that helps with monitoring, troubleshooting, security intelligence, and business intelligence.
Support Vector Machine (SVM) Explorerdata explorationA learning tool and exploration app made using interactive Python framework called Dash.
Sveltejavascript | js | framework | compiler | githubCybernetically enhanced web apps. A compiler that takes your declarative components and converts them into efficient JavaScript. Framework available at
TensorFlowmachine learning | neural network | ganOpen source library to help you develop and train machine learning models.
TGIF by Onely JavaScript SEO Toolsjavascript | seo | indexingGoogle Indexing Forecast tool by is designed to provide a forecast of how long it will take for JavaScript-powered content to be indexed by Google.
Thanosmonitoring | open sourceOpen source, highly available Prometheus setup with long term storage capabilities.
The SEO Frameworkwordpress pluginHepls with automation, security, caching, and white hat SEO tactics.
TimelineJSjavascript | js | frameworkAn open-source tool for building interactive timelines.
TinEye Reverse Image Searchreverse image searchAllows you to search by image and find where that image appears online. Offers alerting and API for advanced usage.
TL;DR by Onely JavaScript SEO Toolsjavascript | seo | renderingToo Long; Didn't Render by is a tool that calculates the cost of rendering a web page.
Tom Sawyer Perspectivesgraph analytics | data visualizationA platform for building enterprise-class graph and data visualization and analysis applications.
Trandoshan Crawlercrawler | k8s | dark web | githubConfigurable and distributed dark web crawler designed to run on the cloud.
Troveweb archiveAustralian web archive and digital collections managed by National Library of Australia.
TWINT - Twitter Intelligence Tooltwitter | python | scrapingTwitter scraping and open-source intelligence (OSINT) tool written in Python.
Ubersuggest by Neil Patelkeyword researchHelps to generate keyword ideas for content.
Unbouncedesign | landing pagesHelps to create custom landing pages to generate more conversions.
URL Builder by LINK-BRAINurl standardization | utilityAn original LINK-BRAIN tool for URL modification and standardization. Build, modify, or trim URLs with only a few clicks. It replaces Excel or other table processors.
URL Opener by LINK-BRAINurl opening | utilityAn original LINK-BRAIN tool for batch opening multiple URLs at the same time.
URL Regexator by LINK-BRAINregex | regular expression | utilityA tool for creating regex from multiple URLs. It will help you with creating custom segments in Google Analytics and analyzing website data.
User InyerfaceuserAn exploration of user interactions and design patterns in a form of game.
UserVoiceuser testingA product feedback solution for gathering, aggregating, analyzing, and following feedback from users.
Validator Tools for Social Meta Tags and Search Engine Markupstructured data | open graph twitter cards | testerValidate structured data markup used by social networks and search engines.
Varvy PagespeedperformancePage speed test to find out what is slowing your website and optimization guide for webmasters.
Verbolialanding pagesSEO as a service solution. Automatically creates the landing pages based on your data and content and helps you reach a bigger audience.
Visuallycontent marketingA gallery and creation for a visual content. It offers simple tools for data presentations.
Vue.jsjavascript | js | framework | vueVue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications.
Wappalyzercms | technology | detectionA cross-platform browser plugin that uncovers the technologies used on websites. Used to detect CMS, frameworks, server software, or web analytics tools.
Waterfoxweb browser, mozilla64-Bit browser based on Mozilla. Started in March 2011 started by Alex Kontos. Oriented on speed, ethics and users.
WAVE Evaluation Toolaccessibility | chrome extensionEvaluate web accessibility within the Chrome browser.
Web Developer Toolbarchrome extension | developers | toolbarToolbar for web development with CSS live editing, cookies management, HTML validation, etc.
Web ScraperscrapingCan extract data from sites with multiple levels of navigation. It can navigate a website on all levels.
Web Scraperchrome extension | scrapingWeb site data extraction tool. Developed by
Webarchivweb archiveThe museum of Czech websites.
WebflowcmsResponsive business websites builder, CMS, and hosting platform without coding.
WebSite Auditor from SEO Power Suiteweb graph | visualizationInteractive website visualizations. Creates oriented graph that helps to spot problems with site architecture, or analyzing internal link juice.
what3wordsmaps | experimentalEach 3m square in the world have assigned a unique 3 word address that will never change.
WhatRunscms | technology | detectionA browser extension that helps you identify technologies used on websites. Detects CDNs, WordPress plugins, web analytics tools, and other technologies.
WhatRunsWheread intelligenceProvides the digital ad intelligence and helps to spend money more efficiently.
WhitePresspaid articlesA content distribution platform with an automated marketplace for publishers and advertisers.
Whitespark Tools for Local SEOseo | local | citations | reviewsHelps you find citation opportunities and build reputation.
Who stole my pictures?firefox add-on | reverse image searchReverse image search using,,, and
Who's Mailing What!mailing | archiveA direct mailing intelligence with comprehensive library of direct mailing campaigns. Explore succesfull campaigns and learn how to be more effective and creative.
Why No Padlock?security | checkerHelping websites become secure. Checks mixed content issues, SHA-1, expired SSL, etc.
WikiGrabberwiki | broken linksA tool for finding Wikipedia pages with broken links or insufficient citations.
WildShark SEO Spiderseo crawlerA crawler that will help you to identify errors and improve usability of your website.
Wolfram Language Image Identification Projectimage identificationShowcase project for image recognition that identifies content of images. Powered by Wolfram Cloud.
Wolfram Mathematica technical computingSystem for modern technical computing.
Wolfram Programming LabprogrammingSoftware with advanced programming language to create programs, and get introduced to modern computational thinking.
WolframAlphacomputational intelligenceA new paradigm for getting knowledge and answers. Tries to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible.
Woopracustomer journeyA platform for analyzing and visualizing customer journeys from the first marketing contact through product usage, emails and other interactions.
WooRankseo checkerWebsite analysis tool to track and connect your marketing data
WordAicontent | artificial intelligenceA tool that is able to automatically rewrite your texts with the same readability as a human writer.
WordPresscms | wordpressOpen source CMS for creating blogs and websites.
WordStream AdvisoradsSoftware designed to help businesses optimize results from their online advertising.
WP Rocketwordpress plugin | performanceCaching plugin that helps to speed up websites, get more traffic, conversions and money.
WPA SEO Auto Linkerwordpress pluginPlugin will automatically link any selected keywords or phrases in your content to chosen URLs.
Wrikeproject managementProject planning tool for remote teams.
WriteMaps Sitemap Buildersitemap xmlA visual sitemap builder. Helps to plan websites and content.
Writtentcontent | outreachA service with content creators that will write you content on demand and help you with outreach to your audience.
WWJD by Onely JavaScript SEO Toolsjavascript | seoWhat Would JavaScript Do tool by identifies the JavaScript-generated elements of a web page and shows how it looks without JS.
Xanalyscrime | fraud | analyticsSoftware for threat assessment, investigative case management, and advanced crime and fraud analytics.
XaoSfractalA fractal explorer with continuous zooming, random palette generation, color cycling, and animated tutorials. Formerly found at
Xapiansearch engine | libraryAn open source search engine library, written in C++ and released under the GPL v2+. Allows to add indexing and search facilities to applications.
XeMeLxml | feedOnline editor of XML feeds.
YaCysearch engineA P2P (peer-to-peer) search engine for decentralizing web search. Allows you to create your own search engine and portal. Useful for intranets. Distributed under GNU GPLv2 licence.
Yandex.Imagesreverse image search | yandexImage search service by Yandex that also offers an option to perform a reverse image search.
Yandex Metricaweb analyticsA web analytics tool by Yandex for tracking your website visits, performace and understanding you audience behavior. Comes also with heatmaps and clickmaps.
Yandex Webmasterwebmaster toolsA webmaster tool by Yandex for tracking statistics for search queries, organic impressions, CTR, and other data and information about your website.
yEd Graph Editordiagram | graph | visualizationDesktop application for generating diagrams and graphs.
Yextbusiness listing | maps | managementInterface to control your business listing on search engines, social media, maps, and other services.
Yoastwordpress pluginWordPress SEO plugin. It handles some aspects of the technical and content optimization of your site.
Zenscrape.comscraping | apiScraping API and proxies for handling web scraping tasks. JavaScript rendering available.
ZingChartdata visualization | charts | javascript | js | library | jsonA JavaScript library for creating animated and interactive charts.
ZingGridtable | javascript | js | libraryA plain JavaScript web component for building responsive and interactive data grids and tables. Works natively with all frameworks.
ZoomSpherementions monitoring | social media Tool for managing and monitoring social media accounts and mentions.
Speedy.Sitewordpress | performance | speed | core web vitals
80legscrawler | scrapingCustomizable web scraping. Create and run custom crawls in cloud.
Andjing Web CrawlercrawlerA basic web crawler written in PHP.
Article Buildercontent Automatically generates articles from spin-formatted text.
Baidu Picturesreverse image searchImage search from Chinese search engine Baidu with an option to perform a reverse image search.
Beam Us Upseo crawlerJava based crawler for SEO. Helps with site auditing and uncovering issues as duplicate content or missing titles.
BLACKLISTALERT.ORGblacklisting | lookupA lookup service to check if your IP or domain is on some blacklist.
Browseoseo browserA web app that allows you to view any webpage without distractions caused by styles. It also highlights parts of a page that are relevant for SEO.
Browsershotscross browser testingA free open-source application for testing browser compatibility for websites .Makes screenshots of your website in different operating systems and browsers.
Byte CheckperformanceMeasures metrics around the Time To First Byte (TTFB). Helps to check responsiveness of your webserver and network resources.
CIRCOSdata | visualizationA software package for visualizing data and information. It visualizes data in a circular layout.
Clusteric Auditorseo suiteA website auditing software. Helps with competitor analysis, link research, keyword research, or information extraction.
Counting Charactersserp preview | character counterGoogle SERP snippet optimization tool. Helps to optimize title and meta description length.
Does Your Mobile Site Hide Links?mfi | utilityCompares mobile and desktop view of your page and checks for differences in links.
GSiteCrawlerseo crawler | sitemap generatorGoogle Sitemap Generator for Windows. Generates a sitemap file for your website.
HyphecrawlerA web corpus curation tool featuring a research-driven web crawler.
JSON LinesjsonJSON Lines text file format for storing structured data that may be processed one record at a time.
Life32cellular automataFreeware for Conway's Game of Life.
lostcircles.comsocial | data visualizationA tool allowing to visualize and download your Facebook friendship network.
Mental Modelerconceptual mapsFuzzy-logic cognitive mapping software that helps individuals and communities capture their knowledge.
pqRrpqR (a pretty quick version of R) is a new version of the R interpreter.
Serpstatseo suiteAll-in-one SEO platform for professionals. Backlink analysis, rank tracking, competitor analysis, and more.
Spin RewritercontentSpin-formatted text platform that converts single article into several new readable articles.
Structured Data Linterstructured data | linterA tool aiding webmasters and web developers to verify the structured data present in their HTML pages.
TOPlistweb monitorPublic monitoring of websites in Czechia.
Tresvitacellular automata3D cellular automata simulator.
Tulipdata visualizationAn information visualisation framework dedicated to the analysis and visualisation of relational data written in C++.
VischeckaccessibilityA visual checker that simulates how images and webpages would look to a person who is colorblind.
visonenetwork visualization | socialA software for the visual creation, transformation, exploration, analysis, and representation of network data.
Web Accessibility CheckeraccessibilityAccessibility checker tool by Stanford University. Only available after login. Should be at this URL:
Web Harvestcrawler | scraping | data miningExtracts data from websites using XML and text processing techologies.
Webbee SEO Spiderseo spiderA desktop SEO spider. Crawls your website following the same pattern as search engine bots.
WebEatercrawlerA Java tool for web site retrieval.
WebLech URL Spiderweb mirror | crawlerA web site mirror tool written Java. Comes with a GUI console.
Website GradertestTool developed by Grades your site. Uses metrics like performance, mobile readiness, SEO, and security.
WebSPHINXcrawler | java | libraryWebSPHINX (Website-Specific Processors for HTML INformation eXtraction) is a Java class library and interactive development environment for web crawlers.
Wolf SpidercrawlerAn interactive web-based graph analysis and visualization tool build on Titan, Sigma.js and Elastic.
WonderWebWare SiteMap Generatorsitemap generatorA sitemap generator for Windows.
WordsCount: ReadabilityreadabilityOnline tool thath attempts to assign a grade to a sample of writing.
XenoDreamfractalA 3D graphics fractal explorer software of Julia and Mandelbrot sets.
Xenu’s Link Sleuthseo crawlerA software for checking web sites for broken links.
Zemantaads | dspA demand-side platform (DSP) for content distibution, video advertising, conversion marketing, or mobile apps advertising.
2D CA Rewriter Simulatorcellular automataDiscontinued cellular automata software. Former address
80Graphutility | csv | gephi | 80legs80legs export to Gephi CSV. Former address
CSS Analysercss | validatorFormerly found at
Image Raiderreverse image searchAn online image search engine used for reverse image searching and monitoring. Discontinued during 2018. Formerly fount at
IntuitionHQheatmapsA heatmaps tool. Formerly found at
Keywordditkeyword researchA tool that sources keywords from subreddits on Reddit and provides context. Formerly found at
LifeLabcellular automataA cellular automata software for Mac. Formerly found at
OSXCA systemscellular automataCellular automata software. Formerly found on
OSXRLCAU systemcellular automataReversible linear cellular automata.-
QC Spiderseo crawlerA crawler supposedly developed by
TopsysocialA social analytics tool. Formerly available at
Trackursocial media | monitoring | omrSocial media monitoring tool designed to assist companies and PR professionals. Formerly found at
VOSON data provider for NodeXLdata visualization | node xlA specialized tool for hyperlink network construction and analysis. A data provider for Node XL. Formerly found at
W-Lifecellular automataA port of Xlife for MS Windows.-
WanderercrawlerWorld Wide Web Wanderer was a Perl-based research crawler deployed in 1993 and discontinued in 1995.-
WinLifecellular automataA cellular automata software for Windows. Formerly found at
WinLife32cellular automataCellular automata simulator. Formerly found on
WJVNcellular automataJohn von Neumann CA simulator. Formerly found on
Xlifecellular automataA cellular automata software. Formerly found at
Zkrat.iturl shortenerShortner with options to change title, description, or image from the original address. Helps with sharing shortened links on social media. Formerly found at
Accessibility ValetaccessibilityFormerly found at
Apache Nutchcrawler
Aperturescraper | java | framework
Appeon Power Builderdevelopment
Arachnid Web Spider Frameworkcrawler
ArcGIS StoryMaps
Archivarixweb archiveWayback machine downloader and website downloader, online CMS converter
AWStatslog analysis
Backlink Watchbacklinksbacklinks checker tool
Bing Image Match
Broken Links
BruceClay SEOToolSetseo suite
CAA Record Helpersecurity
CallTrackingMetricscall center
CAMEXcellular automataNXLCAU systems
CatBoostdecision, tree, open source, library
cellular automataCellular Automata Lab
Cellular Automata and the Edge of Chaoscellular automata | java
Cellumat3Dcellular automata
Centrifuge Analyticssecurity datavis
Chaos Data Analyzerchaos theory
Chrome Canarybrowser | chromium
Chrome DevToolsdevtools
Collabimseo suite | keyword tracking | link monitoring
Competitor ScreenshotsThis is yet another great alternative website to Internet Wayback Machine, on this site you can find the screenshots of any domain. You can access the screenshots, emails and some other features but you have to sign in for all that. Once you register on this site, you will access all the other features of this site which is free.
ConsoleRocketwebmaster tools
Content Harmony
ContentKingcrawler | seo
Cora SEO SoftwareSEO, competitive intelligence
CoSchedule Headline Analyzerutility
crawler4jcrawler, github
CrawlMonstercrawler | seo
Cross Browser Testing Toolbrowser testing Certificate Searchsecurity
CSS Validatorcss | validator
CSVedcsv editor
Cynthia Saysaccessibility
Cytoscapenetwork visualization
Databoxdata platform
DataDeckdata, connector
Datalayer Checkerchrome extension
DataparkSearch Enginecrawler
dataslayerchrome extension
DataWalkdata analysis
Datawrapperallows you to create charts and maps in four steps. The tool reduces the time you need to create your visualizations from hours to minutes.
DBeaverdatabase tool
DDLabcellular automataDiscrete Dynamics Lab
Deep Spreadsheets with ExcelNetexcel | deep learning
DeepCrawlcrawler | seo
Delaunatorjs library | githubJavaScript library for Delaunay triangulation of 2D points.
Diffbotdata mining | knowledge graph
DigitalOceancloud computing
DIGMATO - Digital Marketing Toolsgoogle analytics | url checker
Dipity timeline-creating tools that is useful to organize your web’s content by date and time.
Disable Content-Security-Policychrome extension
disavow.itutility | webmaster tools | gsc | gwtHelp you to quickly compile/clean a Disavow file, ready to upload to Google Search Console.
Distributed Web Crawlercrawler
DNS Spy: CAA record validatorsecurity
Drop My Linklinkbuilding
DrumUpsocial media
Dygraphs fast, flexible open source JavaScript charting library that allows users to explore and interpret dense data sets. I
DYNO Mapperinformation architecture
Edge by Ascentialdata
EditThisCookiechrome extension
Elasticsearchelastic | access logs | ELK | Elastic stack | Logstash | Kibana | ELK Stack | Beats | X-Pack
EmEditortext editor
Event Tracking Trackerchrome extension
Exploding Topicskeyword research | trends
Extract People also search phrases in Google by Neologycchrome plugin
Facebook Certificate Transparency Monitoringsecurity
Facebook Open Graph Object Debuggeropen graph
Facebook Open Sourcedev | machine learning | frameworks | react | pytorch | hermes
Facebook Pixel Helperchrome extension
Facebook Sharing Debuggeropen graph
FAE: Functional Accessibility Evaluatoraccessibility
Fanpage Karmasocial analytics
FBT - An internationalization frameworkinternationalization framework | facebook | javascript
Website review service.
Firefoxbrowser | chromium
Five Cellular Automatacellular automata
Five Second Testuser testing
Followerwonksocial analytics
Fractal Fr0stfractal
Fractal Growerfractal
Fractal Microscopefractal
Fractal Terrain Generatorfractal
Freedom Scientific
FullStorycustomer journey gives you good-looking charts with exciting animation, smart designs and rich interactivity.
GAN Labmachine learning
Gephinetwork visualisation
Gephi visualization enginegraph visualisation | gephi
GEXF.jsnetwork visualisation
GitLab Browser Performance Testing
gliffyallows you to create professional flowcharts, Org charts, UML diagrams, Wireframes, technical drawings and more.
GNU Wget
GNU Wgetweb file retrieval
Gnutella crawlercrawler
Gnutella crawler
Gollycellular automataGolly Game of Life
GoodDatadata analytics
GoodUI Patternsui, patterns
Google Ads Keyword Plannerkeyword research
Google Alertsmention monitoring | omr
Google Analytics Account Explorerutility
Google Analytics Campaign URL Builderutility
Google Analytics Debuggerchrome extension
Google Analytics Debuggerchrome extension
Google Analytics Dimensions & Metrics Explorerutility
Google Analytics Hit Builderutility
Google Analytics Query Explorerutility
Google Analytics Request Composerutility
Google Analytics URL Builderchrome extension
Google Chartsjs chart framework
Google Chromebrowser | chromium
Google Cloud Platformcloud computing
Google Consumer Barometermarket
Google Correlatetrends | search | data
Google Dataset Searchopen data
Google Dataset Search
Google Domainsdomains
Google Imagesreverse image search
Google Lens
Google Market Finder
Google Newsnews
Google Organic Traffic Estimatororganic, traffic
Google Public Dataopen data
Google Publisher Centergoogle, publisher, news
Google Publisher Toolbarchrome extension
Google Search Consolewebmaster tools, google
Google SERP previewserp utility
Google Tag Managertag management
Google Transparency Report: HTTPS encryption on the websecurity
Google Transparency Report - Safe Browsing: Malware and Phishingsecurity
Google Trendstrends
Google Web Designerweb design
Google Webmaster Tools Bulk Url Removalwebmaster tools
google-indexing-api-bulkgoogle indexing | api | script | node.js
Gorkanasentiment analysis
Grafanamonitoring | grafana
Grany-3cellular automata
graph-toolgraph | python-
Graphviznetwork visualisation
Greasemonkeyfirefox add-on
GroupHighoutreachContent marketing tool that allows you to quickly find any blogger’s contact information.
Grub Next Generationcrawler
GTM Copy Pastechrome extension
Guest Post Trackerguest blogging
HARO (Help A Reporter)news
Heapbehavioral data
Hemingway Editorcontent writing
Heritrixcrawler, web archiving
Herokucloud platform
Hextraktcrawler | seo
HighChartsallows you to create interactive charts for your web projects. It is widely used (by tens of thousands of developers and 61 out of the world’s 100 largest companies). I
Hreflang Tags Generator Tool by Aleyda Solishreflang
HSTS Preload List Removalsecurity
HSTS Preload List Submissionsecurity
ht://Digsearch system, web indexing
.htaccess Generatorhtaccess
htaccess Testerhtaccess
HTML Color Codescolors
Apache TinkerPop
httpstatus.iostatus code | response
HubSpot Marketing Hubsuite
Hunteroutreach | emailLets you find email addresses and connect with the people that matter for your business.
Hyper Estraiercrawler
I Search From
IABmonitorweb monitor
IBM Digital Analyticsweb analytics | coremetrics
IBM i2 Analyst Notebookmultidimensional visual data analysis
IBM i2 Analyst's Workstation
IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysisdata intelligence
IBM Quantum Experience
IBM Watsonai
ICDL Crawlercrawler
iCharts a cloud-based Foresight Visual Analytics Platform that empowers rapid visualization of complex business information
IDI Web Accessibility Checkeraccessibility
igraphnetwork analysis | r
Image IdentifyWolfram Language Image Identification Project or Image Identify, is a
Image super-resolutionimage optimisation
Impactanalink research
IncandescentAPIreverse image search, api
Infovis Cyberinfrastructureinfovis
Insomnia REST ClientAPI debugging
InstantAtlasnstantAtlas enables information analysts and researchers to create interactive and dynamic profile reports that combine statistics and map data to improve data visualization
Integritylink checker
Internet Archive Wayback Machineweb archive
Internet Explorerbrowser
InversifyJSjavascript | control container | node.js | typescript
Iodideαdata science
IQDBt reverse image search engi
iSpionagecompetitive intelligence
iToolsiToolsiTools is also a certain website and provides you all the information of any domain name. This site accesses the Alexa database. It will also tell you the domain popularity, traffic, and competitors of the website.
Java CA Applets Collectioncellular automata | java | applet
Javascript Obfuscatorjavascript
JCASim: Cellular automata simulation systemcellular automataCellular automata simulation system
JetOctopuscrawler | seo | access logs
JSON Parserparser | keboola | jsonJSON Parser can process files, that contain a single JSON structure or a line delimited set of JSON structures.
JSON to GDFutility
JSON-LD Schema Generator For SEOstructured data
Juicy Studio Image Analyserimage
Juicy Studio Luminosity Colour Contrast Ratio Analysercolor
Juicy Studio Readability Testreadability
Jumpshotcompetitive intelligence
JustReachOutoutreach | newsPR software and guidance to get the exposure to grow your business.
JxBrowserbrowser componets | chromiumIntegrate a Chromium-based browser with your Java app to process and display HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Flash etc.
Kalles Fraktaler 2fractal
Kalles Fraktaler 2 +fractals
Kantar Mediasocial media & ads
Karma Decay - Reverse image search of Reddit.comreverse image search | reddit
Kebooladata processing
Keraspython, deep learning, library
Kerboolink analysis
KeyLines Network Visualizationgraph
Keyword Eyekeyword research
Keyword Herokeyword research
Keyword Kegkeyword research
Keyword Phrase Builder
Keyword Researcherkeywords
Keyword Snatcherkeyword research
Keyword Toolkeyword research
Keywords checkerkeyword research
Keywords Toasterkeywords
KeywordSpykeyword research
KNIMEdata science
Kraken Image Optimizerimage optimisation
a modern open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. It has all the
Lighthouse at web.devperformace
Link Prediction Toollinked data, predictive analytics, gephi
Link Prospectorlink research
Link Redirect Tracechrome extension
LinkCheckerlink checker
LinkCheckercrawler, github
Linkdexseo suiteSEO platform for professional marketers that helps with data-driven SEO, content marketing, and outreach campaigns.
Linketica.compaid articles
Linkodylink tracking
LinkTigerbroken link checker
Linkuriousgraph visualisation
Little Wardenseo monitoring
Load Impactperformace
Logz.ioaccess logs
Looka Logo Makerlogo
Loop11user testing
LOOPYdiagrams | development
Lynt Word Mechanicutility
LYNXweb browser
MAGENTA – Multi-Analysis of Guidelines by an ENhanced Tool for Accessibilityaccessibility
MagicTabledata mining
Mandelbulb 3D (MB3D)fractal, rendering
Mandelbulberfractal, image capture
Mangools KWFinderkeyword research
Mangools LinkMinerbacklinks
Mangools SERPCheckerserp
Mangools SERPWatchermonitoring
Mangools SiteProfilerweb research
Marketing Minerdata mining
Marvel Prototyping meets User Testinguser testing, prototypes
Masterful Mobile Web
Material Design Color Toolcolors | design | material
Matomoweb analyticsFormerly known as Piwik.
Matrix Multiplicationcalculator
MCellcellular automata
Mediatoolkitmedia monitoring, news
Mentionmention monitoring
Merge Wordskeywords
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Validatorutility | amp | test | validator
Merkle Fetch & Renderutility
Merkle Google Local Search Results Toolutility
Merkle Google SERP Simulator (Snippet Preview)utility
Merkle hreflang Tags Testing Toolutility
Merkle Locale-Adaptive Pages Testing Toolutility
Merkle Mobile-Friendly Bulk Testing Toolutility
Merkle Pre-rendering Testing Toolutility
Merkle robots.txt Validator and Testing Toolutility | robots.txt
Merkle Schema Markup Generator (JSON-LD)utility
SEO Tools by Merkleutility
Merkle XML Sitemap Generator (for hreflang tags)utility
Metaflowpython, netflix, data science
Microsoft Edgebrowser
Microsoft IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkitseo suiteHelps Web developers, hosting providers, and Web server administrators to improve their Web site’s relevance in search results by recommending how to make the site content more search engine-friendly.
Microsoft Visioflowcharts
Mixpaneluser behavior
mnoGoSearchopen-source search engine
Modernizrweb testing
Monitoramentions monitoring
Moz Link Explorerlink research
Mozilla Observatorysecurity
Mozilla SSL Configuration Generatorsecurity
Muck Racknews
Muffetlink checker
N.A.P. HUNTER!chrome extension
NAVRCHOLU.czweb monitor
Neo4j Graph Platformnetwork analysis
NerdyDatacompetitive intelligence
NetDrawdata visualization | social
Netlifyautomation suite
web monitor
Network Crusadersite management
Network Data Repositorygraph analysis
javascript, automation, library
NodeXLgraph analysis
NoFollowchrome extension
Norconex Collectorscrawler
OCAWA – Operational Control and Analysis for Web Accessibilityaccessibility
Octopussyaccess logs
Oktopostsocial media
OnCrawlcrawler, seo, access logs
Online Character Count Toolutility | character | countFree online character and word counting tool.
Online UTM Tracking Code BuilderFormerly at
ontololink research
Open Refine Exhibitopenrefine | github
OpenLinkProfilerlink research
OpenProcessingcoding, experimental
OpenRefine batch processingopenrefine | github
OpenRefine Wikidata reconciliation serviceopenrefine
OpenSearchServeropen-source search engine
OpenUpperutility | url | opener
Optimal Workshopuser research
OptimalSortinformation architecture
OptimalSortuser research
ab testing
p5.jsjavascript, library, p5.js
p5.js Web Editorjavascript, library, p5.js
Page Title Pixel Meterserp utility
Pagefreezerhis site offers you lots of functionality; you can use this to extend your business. You can also use archive content of the website also, and this helps you see your competitors. Moreover, you do not need any special skills. You just need to sign in and get started.
PageSpeed Insightsperformace
Pajeklarge networks visualizationanalysis and visualization of large networks,
Palantir Foundrydata integration
Palantir Gothamdata integration, data management
Pandamonium Webcrawlercrawler
Parasolgraph visualisation
PEG.js - Parser Generator for JavaScriptparser | javascript
Percentage Calculatorcalculator
javascript | headlessPhantomJS is a headless web browser scriptable with JavaScript. It runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD.
PHPCrawlcrawler, php
PiktoChartapp with which you will create beautiful, legible and transparent infographics. Pikto
Pingdom Website Speed Testperformace
Placla quality bookmarklet by Neologycplacla
PlainFrameuser testing
PlantUMLgraph visualisation
Polinodedata visualization | network analysis
Power BIdata | analytics
Pro Rank Trackerrank tracking
Project Supremacywordpress plugin
PromptCloudweb scraping
Proxy SwitchyOmegachrome extension | proxyManage and switch between multiple proxies quickly & easily.
PushPushGopush notifications, automation
PyTorchpython | framework
Qualys SSL Server Testsecurity
competitive intelligence
QueerJSjavascript framework
QuickCodedata analysis
Radware Bot Manager Solutionbot traffic control
Rankinityrank tracking
RankTrackrrank tracking
RapidMinerdata science
Raven Toolssuite
rdf:SynopsVizlinked data
Readycellular automataReaction-diffusion systems
RegexPal - Regex Testerutility | regex
relgrowth Backlink Checkergoogle sheet
Report URImonitoring
Reputation Health
Reputation Ranger
Rival IQsocial media analytics
Rize Reviewsreputation
Rule 110 Playgroundcellular automata
santiano.iotag management | gtm | framework
SARCASimcellular automataSuper Animation-Reduction Cellular Automata Simulator
Sci2 Tooldata analysis
Scoop.itcontent research
SCOTcrawlerProprietary crawl tool Zazzle Media.
Scrapycrawler, python
Screaming Frog SEO Log File Analyseraccess logs
Screaming Frog SEO Spidercrawler | seo
ScreenShotss the another best alternative to the Wayback machine. As its name it works, screenshots just take a snapshot of the websites and save it to the database so you can only access the snapshot. You can not access the code and other things like its destination link and more.
SeaMonkeyweb browser | mozilla
Search Analytics for Sheetsanalytics | spredsheets | google
Search Analytics for Sheetsgoogle sheet add-on
Search Console Helperwebmaster tools
Search Monitorcompetitive intelligence
Searchmetricsseo suite
Security Headers
Seleniumautomation | testing
Senchasencha, javascript, framework
Platform for advanced link analysis, data visualization, geospatial mapping, and SNA.
SentiOnementions monitoring
Senutorank tracking
SEO Macroscopecrawler
SEO nástroj na analýzu webových stránek by WeDesInseomat
SEO Power Suite-
SEO Rank Monitorrank tracking
SEO robot by Neologycmonitoring
SEO SpyGlassbacklink
SEOquakechrome extension | toolbar
SerpBookrank tracking
SERPedseo suite
Serposcoperank tracking
SERPROBOTSERP Checker | google
Seznam Indexerseznam, indexing
Seznam Indexer by Neologycseznam index
Seznam Reportertrends
Seznam Search Statisticstrends
Seznam SERP previewserp utility
Seznam skokanitrends
Seznam Webmasterwebmaster tools
sigma.jsnetwork visualisation
SimilarSiteSearchsearch engine | search
SimilarWebcompetitive intelligence
Simo Ahava GTM Toolsutility
Simple SERP Scraperscraping
Site Safety Centersecurity
Sitebulb Website Crawlercrawler, seo
SiteXpert Sitemap Creatorsitemaps
Smart and Simple Web Crawlercrawler
Smart Visual Analytics Tool (SVAT)A tool for data visualization and fraud investigation.
Smartlookuser behavior
Social Buzzmentions monitoring
Social Crawlyticssocial
Social Network Visualizer (SocNetV)graph
SocialWatchmentions monitoring
SpeedMonitor.iospeed monitoring, performance
Spotibocrawler, seo
Sprout Socialsocial analytics
SQLdepparser | sql
network analysis
STAT Search Analyticsanalytics
Statistical Test for Google Analyticschrome extension
StatnetA suite of software packages in R for network analysis of the statistical modeling of networks
StatusCakeuptime, monitoring, performance
StoryMapsJSdata visualisation | map
Structured Data Testing Toolstructured data | google | testing
Sucuri SiteChecksecurity
Supermetricsdata, automation
Surferseo suite
Suricat by Computestsecurity | ssl | monitoring
Swaggerapi, development
Table Booster for Google Analyticschrome extension
Tableaudata analytics
Tag Assistant (by Google)chrome extension
Tag Manager Injectorchrome extension
Tags Trackerchrome extension
Talkwalkermention monitoring
TAW – Test de Accesibilidad Webaccessibility
TensorFlow Playground
Term Explorerkeyword research
The DomCrawler Componentdom
The Upper Ranks PROSPECTOR Linkbuilding Toollink prospecting
Think with Google: Compare your mobile site speedperformance
Third-Party Web
thruuuserp, analyzer
Title & Description Pixel Checker: Preview Google Title & Descriptionutility
TLDOpenerutility | tld | opener
TLS Checkersecurity, tls
Treejackinformation architecture | testing
TreeMaptreemap visualisation
Trend Micro Site Safety Center
Trifactamachine learning
TubeKityoutube, crawler
Ultra Fractalfractals
Upper Ranks PROSPECTOR Linkbuilding Tool
Uptime Robotmonitoring, uptime
URL Profilerdata mining
UsabilityHub First Click Testsclick test
Usabillausability test
Varvy SEO tool
Vega & Vega-Litevisualization design
VictoriaMetricsdatabase | prometheus
View Rendered Sourcechrome extension
Visual SEO Studiocrawler, seo
VWOab testing
W3C CSS Validation Servicecss | validator
W3C Link Checkerlink checker
W3C Markup Validation Servicevalidator | html | w3c
W3C Mobile Checkermobile checker-
Wappalyzerchrome extension
WASP.inspector: Analytics Solution Profilerchrome extension
WAVE – Web Accessibility Versatile Evaluatoraccessibility
WAVE Accessibility Extensionaccessibility, firefox add-on
Wayback Machine Downloaderweb archive | github
WebAnywherescreen reader |Web-based screen reader that you can use to see how your site is experienced by people requiring assistive software.
Webbee SEO Spidercrawler, seo
WebFX CrawlerFXseo spider
WebFX SEO Toolstools
Website Speed Test
World Bank Open Data
Microsoft Edgebrowser
Vowpal Wabbit
SEOmonitor Search Trends
SEOInfochrome extension
Free Backlink Checker by LRTchrome extension
Hreflang Tag Checkerchrome extension
SeoStack Keyword Toolchrome extension
TextOptimizerchrome extension
SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatchchrome extension
SERPTrends SEO Extensionchrome extension
Lighthousechrome extension
AMP Validatorchrome extension
OpenLink Structured Data Snifferchrome extension
User-Agent Switcher for Chromechrome extension
The Tech SEO - Quick Click Website Auditchrome extension
View Rendered Sourcechrome extension
NoFollow Simplechrome extension
Hunter: Find email addresses in secondschrome extension
Streak CRM for Gmailchrome extension
Ahrefs SEO Toolbarchrome extension
ObservePoint Tag Debuggerchrome extension
gInfinitychrome extension
Scraperchrome extension
Helical Insights
JasperReports Server
Pentaho Reporting
Seal Report
SQL Power Wabit
Tableau Public
Zoho Analytics
ART (A Reporting Tool)
SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant


It's a curated list of tools. Mostly for SEO and data. It contains several hundred tools. This enormous catalog began its life as a simple list for personal use. The first items were saved approximately in the year 2015. Then the list developed and slowly grew into a database. And the database was transformed into an extensive public catalog you can now enjoy.

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